About the project

United in nature


About the project

Cedar Houses consists of 19 units, a spacious courtyard and recreation areas, planted with plant species that are traditional for the Vitosha Mountain ecosystem. Situated over 780 m above sea level in the Simeonovo Housing Estate, the complex is surrounded by incredible nature, while being only 15 minutes away from the center of Sofia. Nearby there is everything you need for the daily needs of an active family – stores, kindergartens, schools, gyms, promenades, as well as two malls – Paradise Center and Sofia Ring Mall. The ski slopes and the lift in the Simeonovo Housing Estate are only 10 minutes away. The nearest metro station is less than 15 minutes away.

In addition to being close to nature, our priority is energy efficiency and environmental technologies embedded in Cedar Houses – a rainwater collection system, outdoor eco insulation, energy-saving micro-grids, electric vehicle charging stations and gasification. Security is guaranteed by the CCTV and access control system in the building and garages, which are 28. For the comfort and leisure of the residents we have provided recreation areas, a room for bicycles and prams, OTIS elevators, ramps tailored to the requirements for accessible environment for persons with mobility disabilities and automatic doors for the garages and entrances.

Cedar Houses offers a total of nineteen units, of which:

  • two spacious ground floor three-bedroom apartments facing south, with views of the Vitosha Mountain and their own patios of 120 square meters and 150 square meters;
  • nine two-bedroom apartments;
  • seven one-bedroom apartments;
  • one studio with direct and individual access to the courtyard;


6 Nikola Piccolo Str., Simeonovo

Located on the border between the Simeonovo Housing Estate and the Simeonovo-Dragalevtsi Villa Zone, the Cedar Houses project is one of the few similar residential complexes in the area. With its proximity to the Dragalevtsi and Simeonovo housing estates, the location of the complex provides quick access to the city along the two main arteries – Cherni Vrah Blvd. and Simeonovsko Shose Blvd. Nikola Piccolo Str. is equidistant from the center of the two housing estates and less than 5 minutes from the Sofia Ring Road.

At only about 10 minutes from the buildings there is everything that people who appreciate a healthy lifestyle and any family may need: eco trails, sports facilities, ski lift, two malls, stores, restaurants, schools, kindergartens and stops on the green bus lines to the Aleko Hut.



Energy-saving technologies

The projects of Frontside Ltd. use mostly recyclable materials. Our priority has always been energy conservation and high energy efficiency. That is why the insulation to the buildings that we build is above the minimum standards and we design the systems so that they pay off in the future to the owners and users of the units. In addition to the fact that the outer insulation is 12 cm stone wool, we also apply ventilated facades, which is another plus during the year.

The bricks that we work with – Wienerberger, are a leader in their class and industry. The Tondach roof tiles are also the undisputed leader in their segment and we know that the implementation of more expensive materials and systems means lower electricity and gas bills in the future and longer life for the building and its individual elements.

The garage ceilings are insulated with 10 cm EPS thermal insulation and under the floor coverings in the units we install Silent-E soundproofing membranes by Casali. We always strive to provide at least two sources of heating and the units in the Cedar Houses complex will be able to be heated by gas and electricity. Energy-saving lighting fixtures and systems are installed inside the buildings.

The elevators are of the latest generation manufactured by the OTIS company, which are energy efficient and quiet. On the roof of the building we also place light guides that provide natural light in the rooms on the top floor that do not have windows (bathrooms, closets, corridors and entrance halls). An air-conditioning system is also installed in each of the units and we always try to position the outdoor condensers so that they are not noisy to the residents and do not change the appearance of the facade.




The access control system is a two-zone video intercom that allows residents to control from a distance the areas through which visitors and guests pass. In addition to the courtyard’s pedestrian doors, the intercoms will also control the doors to the buildings and entrance lobbies. All this, in combination with the CCTV system, will provide total control and security for the residents. The cameras that cover the perimeter are IP infrared – suitable for night vision, and can be viewed via the Internet and mobile applications on smartphones. Our partners at KPM Ltd. are experts in the field of CCTV and access control and will build systems so that residents have 100% perimeter coverage and, of course, without compromising the privacy of individual owners and users. The emphasis is on the outer perimeter, the entrance doors of the garages and buildings, as well as the courtyard of the complex. The system will be able to store records for a minimum of 5 months and will be equipped with a UPS power supply, providing 16 hours of autonomy in the event of a power failure.



The garages are a total of 28, respectively 13 in building A and 15 in building B. Of these, 7 are double and 14 are single. All garages will be equipped with garage doors with remote control and emergency manual access. An air quality control ventilation system will ensure that exhaust gases are vented outwards if CO2 levels rise too high.

Garages and parking spaces are not provided in the inner courtyard of the complex so that the yard can really be a play and recreation area. By the main entrance of the car ramp of the complex there will be a parking space for temporary stay of couriers, which will not be available around the clock.

By default, garages will be more than 5 m deep so that owners can easily park even mid- and large-class vehicles. The height of the garages is over 2.30 m; some of them are also larger than the others and they will be used as warehouses as well. XL garages are more than 6 m deep. In addition to being large and spacious, the garages at Cedar Houses are located so that parking is easy and problem-free. In keeping with the trends and requirements, we have also provided an option for future owners to be able to charge their electric vehicles in some of the garages.


Technical features of the building

Type of construction

Reinforced concrete structure with brick perimeter and distribution walls, subject to all quality and other indicators for construction and commissioning in accordance with the rules for the execution and acceptance of construction and installation works.

Architectural and construction work

floor – cement screed

walls – gypsum plaster

ceilings – gypsum plaster

bathroom – walls – plaster, floor – cement screed

joinery – facade – six-chamber PVC joinery with triple glazing with argon gas

entrance door – armored, master key locking system

interior doors – veneered, MDF

balconies – granitogres tiles


According to the attached approved working design, including high-current and low-current installation, including:

apartment electrical panel

outlets for sockets and light switches and lighting

video intercom

door-bell installation

telephone installation

wiring for security equipment, Internet optics and television.


Plumbing for hot and cold water entirely according to the approved design with PVC pipes and polypropylene piping, executed up to pipe plugs, as well as water meters with remote reading.


Ventilation - ventilation as per the design, natural with vents in the laundry rooms.


Heating - heating as per the design – central gas heating and additional air-conditioning installation.



Floor – polished concrete flooring

Walls and ceiling – plaster

Doors – metal with remote opening


Common areas

Facade – 12 cm thermal insulation, lining with HPL panels and mineral plaster.

Entrance lobby – floor – stone flooring, walls – decorative plaster, staircase – as per architectural design, walls and ceilings – latex paint; railing – as per architectural design.

Elevator – deluxe, manufactured by the OTIS company.

Courtyard – as per vertical planning design and landscaping design.

CCTV – mounted cameras at the entrance of the building, along the perimeter, at the entrance to the underground garages and in the courtyard.

Your family grows here

Starting work on Cedar Houses, our clients’ lifestyles were at the heart of the project. In thisway, future residents will enjoy a home that emphasizes their individuality and offers a uniqueenvironment and microclimate. Contact us today to tell you more about the project.

Your family tree grows here

Starting work on Cedar Houses, our clients’ lifestyles were at the heart of the project. In this way, future residents will enjoy a home that emphasizes their individuality and offers a unique environment and microclimate. Contact us today to tell you more about the project.



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