Your family tree grows here

  • 2 houses
  • 28 garages
  • yard
  • eco technologies

Your family grows here

Starting work on Cedar Houses, our clients’ lifestyles were at the heart of the project. In thisway, future residents will enjoy a home that emphasizes their individuality and offers a uniqueenvironment and microclimate. Contact us today to tell you more about the project.

Cedar House One

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Cedar House Two

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Frontside Ltd

Investor and builder of Kedar Houses

Homes that express the individuality of their owners – it is with this mission that we created the Frontside construction company in 2003. Since then, we have built over 15,000 square meters of built-up area in locations that we choose patiently and with special care. The focus of each of our projects is contemporary architecture that blends perfectly with the surrounding nature.

Since our trademark is the construction of buildings in scenic mountainous localities, we have a very clear goal: a balance between human-made and nature-created. That is why landscaping and vertical planning are as important to us as functionality, quality and innovation.

Cottage Apartments 1
Cottage Apartments 2